Dear Customer, Collaborator, Supplier and Partner,

Evolving in a more and more virtual world, permanently interconnected and submerged by information, the question is:

"What is real Luxury nowadays?"


Products as well as services are also redefined over time in our everyday life.

At Luxury Lane Services, we believe that Luxury represents a return to the real values such as time and the serenity

of enjoying a peaceful moment in complete safety.


Your comfort and your well-being deserve our entire attention and know-how.

This Credo is the guarantee of our company values.


We fully commit our skills to offer you a unique and distinctive experience of real "Luxury" in the 21 century.


Your Luxury Lane Services SAS Team

Who We Are


We are a team of experienced professionals, all of us being active in the world of service.

We have a wide network of partners not only in Paris but also on the French Riviera as well as in several countries of the European and American continents.


Our strong core consists in a wide-ranging professional expertise gathered together from different types of businesses

such as ground luxury transportation, hospitality, personal security and the high French gastronomy.


Disposing of our own fleet and our diligent guides, we tailor our services accordingly to our customers' expectations and requirements

for the greatest comfort of our clientele.


On the field as in the back-office, we are in constant communication with our staff in order to maintain the perfect course of our services that is: your well-being.


Our Mission

Our goal is to offer to our customers an irreproachable quality services regarding personalized ground transportation and personal security throughout the French territory as well as abroad.


We set as our everyday goal the constant improvement of our quality to the effigy of Luxury Lane Services standards.


Our Values